8″ Benchtop Jointer

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  • No More Cupped Woods. Create perfectly flat surfaces and edges quickly and hassle-free with the Wahuda Jointers. Experience smoother and accurate cuts even on tough or figured woods w/ Wahuda Tools.
  • Cutting-Edge Sharpness. Our spiral cutterhead has 4-sided carbide inserts for sharper and quieter cutting precision. The standard blade size also allows for a cost-effective and simple replacement.
  • Capable Steady Performance. Wahuda Jointers are powered with a 120V motor with a fixed 12,000 RPM. They are fully capable of handling edging, jointing, flattening, or tapering no matter the surface!
  • Solid Built For Your Convenience. Our adjustable and expandable cast iron tables enhance stability even when working on longer, larger pieces, with a fence that tilts from 90 &135° for versatility.
  • Perfect For Job Sites Or Small Shops. Depending on your needs or your shop’s size, Wahuda Tools have 6, 8, and 10-inch wood jointers that will do the job right. They’re conveniently movable, too!

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Features & Specs


    Why 8-Inch Woodworking Jointer ? !

    If our 6" bench top jointer does not quite have the capacity you are looking for, improving on the great success of our previous 8 inch jointer model, we'd like to introduce our upgraded 8" WAHUDA spiral style bench top jointer model 50180CC-WHD.

    As with our 6" jointer, our 8" model is still geared towards the budget-minded novice, but very capable of milling stock in a small pro shop. It's also manufactured to tight tolerances in a certified ISO 9001 factory and is CSA approved for performance and your safety.

    With the cast iron tables, our new 8" jointer only weighs about 64 lbs, making it still easily maneuvered around your shop or jobsite ... just like our older models. The cast iron tables also provide better stability during operation and are less prone to scratching. Table leveling for coplanar, if ever needed, is still easily achieved via set screws installed in each table. Even the pull out extensions are easily adjustable for coplanar if necessary. With the 34" total table length end to end, extendable to 51" with the table extensions pulled out, machine depth of around 20", and total height of about 13", it will fit in just about the same footprint as a 6" jointer.

    The incorporated spiral style cutterhead, manufactured with the same heavy duty aluminum extrusion over steel inner shaft, now provides you the cutting edge sharpness retention from having 16 carbide 4-sided insert tips installed. While being quieter than the straight knife cutterhead noise you have had to endure, you also get the smooth finish on your stock you've been looking for from the spiral design ... even on figured woods. And only having to loosen or remove one mounting screw on each insert, provides extremely quick tip rotation or replacement if the insert becomes nicked. This keeps your downtime to a minimum and your project on time.

    Our 8" jointer has some of the same features as our previous highly rated models. It still has the maximum capacity of 8" width and 1/8" maximum depth of cut and a 2 ½" included dust port with 4" adapter for better chip evacuation. This model has a 4 3/8" high by 24" long extruded aluminum fence which can be easily tilted from 90 to 135 degrees with ease. It has the same 120V 10 amp AC motor which provides ample machining power. Included are the push blocks, the tools you need to properly set up and adjust the machine, and a T-Torx wrench to rotate or replace the insert tips.

    If you feel our new 8" jointer is a bit of overkill for your needs, or a little too large of footprint for your available shop space, check out our 6" bench top jointer model 50160CC-WHD with cast iron tables and new spiral style cutterhead. If the 8" jointer does not quite have the width capacity you need, check out our 10" bench top jointer model 50110CC-WHD.


    • Powerful 10 Amp 120V motor
      Newly Incorporated Spiral Style Cutterhead with 16 4-sided carbide Inserts
      Long Extruded Fence with 90 to 135 Degree Tilt
      Adjustable and expandable table extensionsIf you're looking for a little bit more length or width capacity than our new Wahuda 6-inch woodworking jointer has, take a look at this 8-inch jointer. This compact benchtop jointer packs a lot of punch and, as small power jointers go, it's at the top of its class. It has a 34” table length, end-to-end, with table extensions allowing it to increase in length to 51”. It's about 20” deep, 13” high, and weighs less than 65 pounds, making it easy to move around either in the shop or out on the job site.

      The new spiral cutterhead features 16 4-sided carbide-tipped inserts that can quickly and easily be rotated to a new edge if an old one gets chipped or otherwise damaged. The 120V 10-amp motor provides all the power you'll need.



    WAHUDA warrants its machinery to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of two (2) years from the date of the original purchase by the original owner. This warranty applies to products sold in United States only. The warranty does not apply to any product used for professional or commercial production purposes nor for industrial or educational applications. Such cases are covered by our 1 year Limited Warranty with the Conditions and Exceptions.
    After inspection by an Authorized Service Center or our agent, Warranty does not include failures, breakage or defects deemed to have been directly or indirectly caused by or resulting from improper use, lack of or improper maintenance, misuse or abuse, negligence, accidents, damage in handling or transport, or normal wear and tear of any part or component considered a consumable. Examples of consumables are inserts, knives, or wear items such as drive belts, bearings, or brushes. Additionally, Warranty is void if repairs or alterations are made to the machine by an unauthorized service center without the direct consent of WAHUDA. To file a Warranty Claim, call toll free 877-568-8879 or email techservices@wahudatools.com . Warranty applies to the original buyer only and cannot be transferred. Your machine’s date of purchase and serial number have already been registered with WAHUDA when shipped. If you purchased your machine from one of our authorized dealers, please go online at www.wahudatools.com and register your machine online. Therefore, you will only need to provide your full name when contacting WAHUDA. The defective units should be returned Freight Prepaid to WAHUDA’s Authorized Service Center for inspection. If the Warranty Claim is considered to be invalid due to exclusions listed above, WAHUDA will, at your direction, dispose of or return the product. In the event you choose to have the product returned, you will be responsible for the handling and shipping cost of the return. WAHUDA furnishes the above warranties in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied. WAHUDA shall not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages, including without limitation to loss of profits arising from or related to the warranty, the breach of any agreement or warranty, or the operation or use of its machinery, including without limitation damages arising from damage to fixtures, tools, equipment, parts or materials, direct or indirect loss caused by any other part, loss of revenue or profits, financing or interest charges, and claims by any third person, whether or not notice of such possible damages has been given to WAHUDA. WAHUDA is not responsible for damages of any kind for any delay by or failure of WAHUDA to perform its obligations under this agreement or claims made as a subject of a legal proceeding against WAHUDA more than one (1) year after such cause of action first arose. The validity, construction and performance of this Warranty and any sale of machinery by WAHUDA shall be governed by the law of the State of Tennessee, without regard to conflicts of law’s provisions of any jurisdiction. Any action related in any way to any alleged or actual offer, acceptance or sale by WAHUDA or any claim related to the performance of any agreement including without limitation this Warranty, shall take place in the federal or state courts in Shelby County, Tennessee. WAHUDA reserves the right to change the specifications of its machines without prior notice.

    Product Size


    Amps/ Volts
    10 AMP / 115V, AC
    12,000 RPM

    Spiral Cutterhead

    Max Depth of Cut
    Max Cutting Width
    Max Stock Thickness
    Feed Rate
    16 Four-sided Inserts carbide


    Overall Size
    Fence Size
    Dust Port
    36 5/8" X 15" X 13 3/8"
    8" x 33 1/2" Extendable to 51"
    4 3/8" X 24"
    2 1/2" and 4"
    64 lbs.
    19" X 11 1/2"
    2 YEARS


    32 reviews for 8" Benchtop Jointer

    1. J. Peach

      8” Jointer
      Unpacked and assembled today. All parts accounted for as well as the two packs of additional 4-way cutter blades. Assembly was straightforward and ALL adjustments were meticulously checked per the manual and ALL were spot-on. No fine tuning required. Even the fence 90* and 135* adjustments were true. I was pleasantly surprised. I ran a pine test board through sever passes and saw no discernible snipe. Board came out flat and very smooth. Jointed the edge and it was smooth as glass. No way could I be more pleased with my purchase.

      anuary 23, 2020

    2. Greg

      Got my new 8″jointer setup today
      First off, ups delivered and the box was in great shape. Always a good sign! The jointer was packaged very well anyway so it would be hard to damage it in shipping. Setup was a breeze. Wipe off the oil, wax the table, put on the fence and adjust it. Ready to roll. Mine seems to be right on the money and no table adjustments necessary.
      I did find one damaged part. The plastic dust chute and discharge piece was cracked. Once at the screw hole when someone tightened it at factory and then the 4″ discharge port itself was also cracked. I’ve contacted customer service on that.
      Everything else was fine. No dents or scratches.
      Fired it up and ran a warped piece of cedar through it to see how it would do (I’ve never used a jointer before)… Beautiful. Very smooth running machine and great result. Nice flat board!
      I’m impressed and happy!

      anuary 26, 2020

    3. JHSteelpat

      Wahuda 8” planer
      I received the planer Friday. Everything looked good on delivery. Took me an hour to put together and set up. Adjusted outfeed very slightly, though it probably didn’t need it. Setup for fence was very easy, too. The planer feels solid. It planed highly figured maple and cherry completely flat with no tearout, and a very smooth finish in both cases. First and second side were perfectly 90 degrees. Motor didn’t bog down though I was only taking 1/32” cuts. Dust collection seemed fine, even with the 30 year old shopvac with the too-small hose I used for testing. I’m pleased.

      January 27, 2020

    4. Greg

      I mentioned in my review that the dust shroud/chute was cracked and I would contact customer service. Well, rest assured the service is fantastic! I sent an email on a Sunday afternoon. By Sunday night I had already been contacted. All I was asked for was a picture. A couple of days later the new part showed up. Now that’s service!

      January 31, 2020

    5. Andy

      8 inch jointer works well, tricky to align
      I received my jointer this week. The tables needed some alignment and that took me a few hours. The tricky part is that each table has 4 screws covering the alignment screws. You can’t remove all 4 at once or the table comes off. I found that I had to remove a screw, make the adjustment, and put the screw back in before I could measure to see if the adjustment worked. It was pretty slow going. I modified the suggested process by using feeler gauges to determine that the straight edge was flat on the table. Now that it’s aligned, it works very well. I do find it a bit loud and I use ear protection. For my purposes, I’m quite happy with it thus far.

      February 1, 2020

    6. Martin

      I bought this to replace a 6 inch Delta jointer that died on me. The jointer exceeds all my expectations. With a little set up this makes smooth and perfectly square faces and edges. The manual is good the set up process takes time but this seems to be true of all jointers. I can also say the customer service was fantastic. During set up the indeed table was sticking and I thought I broke the locking mechanism I contacted customer service and they walked me through what to do and said if I break a piece they will send a new one. All worked out well and nothing was actually broken, just stuck from assembly grease. Overall I am looking forward to using this for many years, bonus is that it has nearly the same footprint as the delta, fit right into place.

      February 2, 2020

    7. Robert Majors

      Price vs expectations
      Yes squaring the fence sucks and then some…. it’s a benchtop jointer that is to be expected. For being one of the only 8″benchtops it has almost no snipe and doesn’t bog down like I thought it would. Also came with a shop vac adapter, which is nice. If you dont use any sort of collection I’d clean it out every few boards or any tool that sits low and collects that type of material will suffer.

      February 5, 2020

    8. Landon B

      Big picture:
      It’s a Spiral STYLE cutter head but no true spiral. It does have individual cutters which are easy to turn to a fresh edge, but it doesn’t have any spiral to the cutters so they’re just a bunch of straight knives hitting at different times. They don’t have the slight angle that gives a true spiral head it’s incredibly clean cut in figures woods. There is also no overlap so for any point on the jointer only a single cutter will contact the wood.

      Setup was as others have experienced with a tedious process for getting the tables aligned. Check corner to corner across each table for twist before calling it good!

      It didn’t have a manual but they’re sending one.

      They’ve been super responsive and when I expressed concerns they were more than happy to offer a refund. I’d certainly never give it up for the price but it is a budget machine. A Byrd spiral head costs nearly $500 itself so this is a good compromise for the price.

      February 5, 2020

    9. Kelly

      Great little jointer!
      I bought this to replace an older Craftsman 6″ jointer. That is bulky and doesn’t have any kind of dust collection. It’s also a bear to change knives! Worked very well, but I’ve been wanting a wider bed and something more compact. This jointer is wonderful so far. Beautiful cuts, easy to use. I did have to make an adjustment as the outfeed table was initially a little high. After making adjustments, found that the cuts to the edge / face weren’t square, even though fence was perfectly square. I sent an email to support, got an answer from Michael right away. He told me to joint the face before the edge, and that fixed it! I’ve always jointed in reverse, so had no idea! Love the jointer and appreciate quick and helpful support!

      February 20, 2020

    10. aron

      Super impressed!
      I purchased this just about month ago and have gotten a lot of use out of it so far. I found the setup to be pretty straightforward and fairly easy to get to calibrated. Not sure if I got lucky right out of the box because after attaching and squaring the fence I was good to go. I got the carbide tips and the cut is super smooth. I find I get minimal snipe if I apply constant and even pressure across the entire cut. This little guy has plenty of power and have had no issues with a variety of hardwoods. Love the extenders for when I need to do longer cuts. The jointer is a quality machine and for the price point is really tough to beat. Had a minor issue with a crack in the dust collection adapter. I emailed them and they responded on a Sunday morning (totally unexpected) and had a replacement part shipped out the next business day. Very impressive company so far. Will definitely be looking at purchasing additional equipment in the future.

      February 24, 2020

    11. Steve

      great little jointer
      I’m an intermediate woodworker. This jointer was square out of the box, easy to set up, and face-jointed a piece of purpleheart like it was pine. Super smooth cut, lots of power, very happy with this product.

      April 30, 2020

    12. Fred

      Decided on the Model 50180CC-WHD (with 4 sided carbide tips ), ease of website to order , price was fair , loved the no tax and free shipping . Item arrived in like 3 days which was great , box was kinda of beat up which can be expected but not liked . The machine was not damaged , parts all there , instructions easy to understand. Had to square the fence and adjust the outfeed table for level.(easy instructions) Once done ran a couple pieces of different sized boards, Worked great . I like the size of the machine because of limited sized area to work in (garage with car ) and I love the fact that I don’t have to deal with setting knives anymore

      May 9, 2020

    13. John Trevathan

      Wahuda 8″ Bench Jointer
      After returning a 6″ jointer, made in China, to another well known supplier because of poor quality and performance, I ordered the Wahuda (made in Taiwan) . Arrived well packed with good instructions and looked to be well made. Over the past month have worked the machine daily and am satisfied with quality and getting perfect results on hard maple and walnut. My opinion, best buy I have made on wood working machinery ever.

      July 22, 2020

    14. Christopher Thomas

      8″ Jointer
      All I can say is that this companies Customer Service is top notch. Shipping was very fast in my opinion. Upon unpacking I found that one of the cutter heads was broken. I immediately took a picture and emailed it to them asking if they could replace the broken cutter. Without question they emailed me ,first thing the following morning, stating they were mailing a replacement. A few days later I received the replacement and they didnt just send me one, as I requested, they sent me a whole set. I had to reach out to them one more time with a question and they were just as prompt with response. You can definitely tell that customer satisfaction is a top priority with this company.

      August 5, 2020

    15. Matt

      Would Recommend
      This jointer is a very nice little machine. The instructions are the best that I have ever received with a new tool, it’s a full printer paper sized booklet with actual pictures of the machine and makes everything very clear on how to adjust everything. Customer service is also the fastest I have ever worked with, within 12 hours of emailing them they have already gotten back to me and addressed any issue. Great company to work with I highly recommend.

      September 3, 2020

    16. John

      Perfect jointer for the price
      I have been looking at jointers for some time. I was a little bit concerned ordering from Wahuda, since I didn’t know much about them and they changed ownership. But, the reviews and comments of customer support convinced me. I have had my jointer for several months and I have to tell you it was a great purchase.

      I read the comments and looked at the on-line instructions to set it up to be planar. When it came, I resigned myself to spending a considerable amount of time adjusting it. I was surprised that it was dead-nuts on, no adjustment necessary. I have run about 500 linear feet of boards through the jointer and they came out extremely well, with only touch up sanding needed. I have not put hard wood through the jointer yet, but I have no concerns it will handle it.

      Based on my experience with the jointer, I will be ordering the Wahuda planar, once the new one is available in Mid-September.

      September 8, 2020

    17. Andrew

      Great customer service
      I was having some problems with the 8-in jointer called customer service and they were fantastic in helping me, highly recommend

      September 8, 2020

    18. Omar

      I bought this machine when it was first available (summer2019?) and I think it’s very good. I had to true the tables, extensions, and the fence, I never did it before so a little trial and error, but it’s fun to try to get everything right. The customer support was very good when I snapped of one of the little levers for moving the fence. Very friendly and helpful. The cast iron tops are great. The fence is flimsy but does it’s job fine. Motor seems strong and the blades make an extremely smooth finish. I’m very happy with this purchase.

      September 10, 2020

    19. Steve

      Quality upgrade
      This is a quality bench top tool. Unfortunately, I do not have room in my small shop for a full scale jointer, so this is a perfect alternative. It did take a couple of hours to get adjustments just right, but this also was due to the learning curve of understanding which adjustments moved the table top in the direction I desired. Once I figured that out, everything came together nicely. Welcome Wahuda, you made a great first impression on me! Thank you.

      September 25, 2020

    20. Alan

      8″ Jointer
      I’ve had mine 4 months now and just love it. It was easy to set up and cuts smooth and straight.

      October 31, 2020

    21. Tony

      8″ Jointer
      Normally don’t write reviews but this machine deserves an exception. Quick shipping on a well packaged machine. Easy setup due to the clear, concise, well illustrated instructions for the final assembly process. Didn’t need to make any table adjustments as it was spot on right from the box. Not a lot of use yet but I did run a fair amount of kiln dried pecan and mesquite through it with absolutely no problems. Spot on flat and square with a surface like glass.

      November 24, 2020

    22. Dj

      Great Jointer
      Purchases on 11.30.2020….recieved it on 12.3.20. Very fast shipping. Set up was easy and only had to dial in the fence. Very well built. Ran several boards thru for a project I was working on and they turned out great. For a bench top jointer it has good table space with the extension bars. I see no reason why this jointer shouldn’t last a long time.

      December 4, 2020

    23. David Winners

      Pleasantly surprised
      I’ve had my 8″ jointer for over a year now. I am very pleased with the purchase. Between the 8″width and the very stable extensions, this benchtop machine has the capacity and capability of a much larger machine. Everything is adjustable so it is easy to keep running true. The cast tables are very solid. The fence is easy to adjust and maintains 90° when adjusted to different widths. I have run hundreds of BF of hardwood including highly figured maple and walnut and it always leaves a very nice surface. The infeed table is easy to adjust. I really have nothing negative to say. This little jointer punches well above its price point.

      January 6, 2021

    24. Wayne

      Great Jointer
      Very fast shipping. I ordered about 1:30 PM on a Wednesday and had the router the next day!
      I like the size and weight. Not too big not too small.
      Easy setup. It took about an hour to setup the machine and get the fence at 90 degrees.
      Took about another hour to get the tables like I wanted them and reduce the snipe on the test pass. The outfeed table was off by about 1/16 of a turn of the adjustment screws and the infeed table was off by the same amount on the front side only.
      I like the table extension arms. Makes this machine able to handle longer material than most bench top models, but takes up less space than a floor model.
      Very smooth cut and the surface of my work piece needs very little sanding.
      Very good dust collection when connected to my shop vac.
      The plastic handle to lock the fence. I felt like I was gonna break it.

      Overall 9 out of 10 for me! I will be considering Wahuda tools for my future purchases. I want to upgrade my planer next.

      ebruary 1, 2021

    25. Sam

      Best Jointer for the money
      Very happy with my 8” jointer. Have used about every weekend, table took a little tweaking but after 15mn it works like a dream! Would highly recommend to any hobby or part time woodworker!

      March 9, 2021

    26. Ben Terwilliger

      Awesome machine
      I’m very pleased with my machine, I have probably 16hrs of black walnut 6-7 3/4 wide ran through it and nothing but amazing results. Seems well built mine was calibrated out of the box the carbide cutterhead leaves a very excellent finish. The fence seems very sturdy to match the weight of the machine helps working with larger material, along with the table extensions these are very stout extensions that make working with longer pieces a breeze. I’ve honestly been bragging to everyone about this machine I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with it.

      March 25, 2021

    27. ave Brick

      8″ Jointer
      I received my 8″ jointer yesterday and just wanted to provide some positive feedback.
      The machine is well built. I was able to align the surfaces within .005″ of being coplanar using a dial indicator. See the attached picture. Used some tools from when I was a machinist many years ago.
      I ran a test piece through it with no issues and no snipe. This is the first jointer for me and I’m glad I went with your product. Really like the 4-sided carbide inserts.
      Seems like a quality machine and can’t wait to put it through its paces.

      June 11, 2021

    28. S. M. Duryea

      8” Wahuda bench jointer
      I received my jointer with damage to the box but there was no damage to the machine. Packaging is pretty good. After watching the unboxing and assembly video at the Wahuda web site setup was pretty straight forward. I ran my first test piece from a scrap in my shop and was pleasantly surprised by the perfect 90’ I got. After checking the fence alignment I found no changes to it or the table. Very pleased.

      August 11, 2021

    29. Tim Tharp

      Bought the 8 inch joiner as my first jointer. Ordered on Sunday night and it arrives on Thursday. Well packaged, it arrived with no damage. After unboxing, setup was a breeze as the In feed and out feed tables were both spot on right out of the box as was the fence once it was installed. Decided on the Wahuda for it’s solid bed and cutter blade design. Very happy with the results I’ve had so far, very good product at a reasonable price.

    30. Paul Berry

      I’ve been building out my shop and the one tool that I really needed was a jointer. I’ve tried all the sled methods on a table saw to get straight edge boards, which worked sometimes. I considered several different bench-top jointers. Wen, Grizzly, and others. Having an 8” jointer that included carbide spiral cutting blades was the difference maker. I could have saved a few bucks by going with similar jointers with two-sided steel spiral cutting blades, but spending the extra bucks was worth it. The jointer arrived in less than 5 days and was very simple to setup. I did my first project on it and I’m very impressed! My only regret was not buying it sooner. I have a very small shop, so a bench-top jointer was key. My next project is to mount this jointer and my planer on a portable flip top cart.

    31. ron.fico

      I would recommend the Wahuda 8″ jointer. Great for small shops, well priced, has features that compete well with jointers of similar size and excellent quick customer response and service.
      In spite of a couple of issues that I discuss in the “Detail” description, I rate this product with high marks, especially given the customer support and excellent performance. I am very pleased with this
      jointer and glad I made the decision to replace my 6″ Delta Jointer of comparable size.

      I purchased the Wahuda 8″ jointer from Amazon. After assembling it, I noticed that the head had a defect that appeared as a lumpy piece of aluminum. I contacted Wahuda via e-mail. After several e-mail exchanges, it was decided that the head indeed was defective and that Wahuda would send a new unit to me. They also instructed me to send back the defective unit at my earliest convenience. They provided a UPS label – so no charge for returning the unit directly to Wahuda, I decided to wait to receive the new jointer before sending the damaged one back. The replacement jointer came in good
      condition. I assembled it, aligned it, had to rotate a couple of head cutters (more on this below) and it works wonderfully. I repacked the damaged unit and hauled it to the nearest UPS store.

      Comment on customer service:
      – my e-mails were quickly answered on the same day I sent them. Customer support is excellent!

      I bought the Wahuda jointer to replace an older 6″ bench Delta jointer.
      The reasons I decided on the Wahuda:
      – steel infeed and outfeed tables, not aluminum like their competitors.
      – the infeed and outfeed tables are manually leveled (see comments below)
      – the head uses sixteen 4-sided carbide cutters, not 2-sided high-speed steel cutters like other
      jointers of similar size. Cutters are 15mm X 15mm X 2.5mm x 30 degrees. These dimensions are
      not in the manual. Wahuda provided them to me via e-mail. I wanted to know this before making a
      decision, knowing that the cutters are available from other manufacturers as well as Wahuda.
      – there is no leveling of the head or cutters required. The Delta jointer uses steel blades that must be
      leveled to the outfeed table.
      – profile is similar to the 6″ Delta jointer. I placed it on the same wheelable cabinet as what the 6″
      jointer was mounted on.

      What I like about the Wahuda jointer at this early stage of usage:
      – No snipe!
      – Quieter than the delta jointer (but ear protection is still a must)
      – The head does not bog down compared to the Delta. It will slow slightly, but
      it feels like a smooth cut – easy to move evenly as the wood is pushed.
      – I cut between 4 to 5-inch wide hard maple, walnut, bloodwood and cherry with excellent results
      but only after rotating two cutters. I noticed a couple of stripes on the boards. The stripes were due
      to two cutters that had very shallow nicks. The nicks lined up with the stripes on the boards. I
      identified the nicks by carefully running a finger nail over the edge of the cutter and I could
      feel the nick. I verified this with a microscope. The nick on one cutter was 0.3 mm wide,
      the other about 0.25 mm wide. The nick depths were about 0.1 mm with indentation at the edge
      of less than 0.1 mm. I rotated the two cutters and the striping is gone. Before and after the cutters
      were replaced, I jointed two 14″ long x 5″ wide hard maple (i.e., with and without the striping).
      Placing the boards together required some force to separate them, only possible when each are
      flattened with good quality. A bit disappointing to have discovered the defective cutters on an initial
      cut, but not an issue once fixed.


      – Adjusting the outfeed and infeed tables:
      The most time-consuming part of putting the Wahuda jointer together was adjusting
      the outfeed and infeed tables. I found that for both units I received, leveling was necessary.
      It took me two hours to level the tables on either unit. This is an iterative process. As the tables get
      closer to level, the process must be repeated. I’ve worked on many woodworking power tools and
      in my opinion, this amount of time is not unusual when it comes to attempting anything having to do
      with alignment. Once aligned, the reward was excellent results.

      As the tables come closer into alignment, a fraction of a turn on the height adjustment set screws
      is all that is needed (not full nor even quarter turns!). A detailed explanation of the adjustment
      process is at the end of this review.

      Cleaning the cutters:
      The manual states that there may be oil residue on the cutters and if so, the cutters must be removed
      and cleaned. The jointer is shipped with the tables oiled and covered with a plastic sheet. Both the
      head and the cutters on the jointer I received had quite a bit of oil on them. I removed the cutters and
      cleaned the oil from the head and the cutters.

      Extension arms:
      The extension arms may be used when jointing boards that go beyond the table. I’ve seen reviews
      commenting on the difficulty of moving the extension bars. I did not have this problem on both of
      the jointers I received. There are four screws used to release/adjust play on the extension slider bars.
      One screw with a knurled knob is used to secure the position of the extension. This screw must be
      loosened to allow the extension arm to glide smoothly. There are three nylon set screws recessed at
      the end of each table on the top side and one on the front side. The manual doesn’t mention these, and
      they are helpful in removing any play there may be in sliding the extension back and forth. These
      must be adjusted so that they do not cause resistance to moving the extensions.

      The Fence:
      There are three main pieces to the fence: The fence itself, a right-angle bracket that attaches to the
      jointer body and a bracket that attaches to the fence and the right-angle bracket that allows sliding the
      fence into a desired position. The fence and these brackets are made of aluminum. There are two
      screw-handles: one to lock the fence into a desire position over the tables, the other to lock the fence
      angle. The handles are a hard plastic-like material. This is an identical arrangement compared to my
      Delta jointer. There are also two screws useful in adjusting the left-to-right tilt of the fence so that it
      sits evenly above the table. Regarding the angle of the fence to the table: I had no difficulty aligning
      the fence to 90 degrees relative to the tables (it was factory set), nor did the fence shift after use – just
      as with my Delta jointer.

      Adjusting the tables:
      The outfeed table is first leveled relative to two of the sixteen carbide cutters – one closest to the
      fence, the other closest to the front. There are four mounting bolts (positions) on each of the tables.
      There are also a pair of set-screws on each side of a bolt. So, for each table, there are eight set screws
      and four bolts. Leveling takes place by slightly loosening the four mounting bolts of a table. The set
      screws are used to lower or raise the table in the vicinity of the loosened bolt. One set screw is
      adjusted to get the table at the desired height, the other set screw is adjusted (by feel) to the
      level same level of the first set screw so that it just touches the support below the table. The other
      three mounting positions are similarly adjusted. The outfeed table is adjusted so that when a level is
      placed over the inner (or outer) cutter, the level just touches the cutter (checked by rotating the head
      back and forth). The head is moved back and forth from the front by placing a thin rod through the
      hole in the header shaft (I used an Allen wrench to do this).

      The infeed table is adjusted after completing the outfeed table. The instruction manual states
      bringing the infeed table to the height that is level with the outfeed table (nominally the “0”
      position on the level indicator). Leveling is accomplished with the aid of a high quality straight
      edge. I bought a new 24″ level for this. The trick is to obtain even-level so that both tables are
      at the same height at the “0” position. After leveling the infeed table with respect to the outfeed table,
      I found that a test cut of four passes resulted in an uneven cross-sectional cut. I discovered that as a result
      of lowering the infeed table, the table was slightly tilted. I decided to re-level the infeed table at
      a position slightly lowered from the outfeed table. I used a disk from a hard drive – these are very
      well machined to be flat (fractions of a thousandth of an inch). I straddled the level – some of it on the
      outfeed table, some on the infeed table. I placed the disk under the level on the infeed table and raised
      the table until the level just touched the disk (on the side that was highest). I then shifted to the side
      where the inner table was lower and adjusted the set screws to raise the table so the disk just touched
      the level. Iteratively, back-and-forth. Test cuts now worked at various infeed table heights with an
      even cross-sectional cut!

    32. Robert Bischoff

      Best jointer for the money! 8” jointer was a breeze to align and had it milling in 30 minutes. Only limiting factor is that lack of power, but handle 7+” oak boards (Just go slowly and take small passes). Overall, really pleased with my purchase. Only took 3 days to arrive!

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