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Wahuda Tools has listened to many people’s suggestions and integrated the most desirable features into our 14” Midi Lathe. Our lathe is 830 mm long x 330 mm wide x 430 mm high and is portable, but big enough, to satisfy the needs of beginners to advanced users.

  • The exceptional 1HP AC motor that is perfectly paired with an inverter that maintains a higher and more consistent output torque which is not found on most of the competitive models in today’s market This is especially effective when running at speeds as low as 30RPM and maintaining the output torque of the spindle at or near 100% which is beneficial for users who need to work at low speeds to make certain projects.
  • The Midi Lathe has three speed ranges (30-800, 150-1,700, and 350-3,700 RPM) which can be easily changed with a quick release lever on the motor to release belt tension. The spindle speed can conveniently be viewed on the front window of the lathe’s digital display.
  • Even though this is a bench top lathe, Wahuda uses a 1’’ diameter toolrest which is a common size used on medium and large lathes which allows it to be able to use many of the different toolrests on the market.
This item: 14" Wood Lathe
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Features & Specs


    Benchtop 14" Variable Speed Wood Lathe w/ induction motor

    We'd like to introduce our first woodworking mini lathe... the Wahuda model 60170ML-WHD

    It utilizes the very reliable inverter technology, usually found on much larger machines, to keep constant torque at various speed settings. Electronic variable speed is a desirable feature for wood turners, enabling fine tuning of speed to suit delicate work, larger diameters or out of balance work pieces. A three step poly-V pulley system allows three speed ranges, 0 to 800, 0 to 1750, and 0 to 3600 rpm, which when coupled with the load sensing inverter, ensure maximum torque and stable spindle speeds.

    The included magnetic backed wired remote switch can be placed on any convenient position on the lathe bed or the headstock to suit the work in hand. It incorporates on/off buttons, a speed control knob, and a forward and reverse switch.

    A LED digital read-out of the spindle speed in RPM, located on the base of the unit, is a useful feature that helps to control your work.

    With a maximum of 16" (400mm) between centers, (distance will vary with type of drive center or accessory used) and a 14" (350mm) swing over the bed, the capacity offered is generous on a lathe this compact. Spindle indexing is achieved in 15 degree segments by insertion of the included magnetic index dowel pin. The 6 " tool rest sports a sturdy tool post diameter of 1 ". Headstock and tailstock spindle tapers are # 2MT, with a drive spindle thread of 1 1/4 - 8 TPI RH threads , and drive spindle hole diameter of 3/8 ".

    At 90lbs the lathe is heavy enough to be very stable but can still be moved around you shop. It's compact size, at 32 " L x 17 " H x 13 " D still provides plenty of capacity to show off your skills. Threaded holes (3/8"-16 UNC) are provided at each corner of the lathe for bench mounting. And the 120V AC 13 AMP motor gives you plenty of power to get the job done.

    Also included are a 4 prong drive center (already installed in headstock), standard 60 degree live center (already installed in tailstock), drive knock out push rod, carrying handles with mounting screws, power cable storage hooks with mounting screws, spanner wrench for faceplate removal and installation, hex wrenches for set up, and the User Manual.

    Introducing the first Wahuda tabletop lathe that, when it comes to wood-turning lathes, is in a class by itself. Our mini lathe machines are super-high quality, utilizing electronic variable speed control technology that lets you fine-tune the machine's spinning speed to suit large diameter pieces, delicate projects or pieces that are out of balance. There are three speed ranges: 0-800rpm, 0-1750rpm and 0-3600rpm. This, along with a load-sensing inverter, provides you with max torque and stable spindle speeds. This may be the very best mini lathe unit on the market.
    This small wood lathe has extras you might only expect to find on a much larger, more expensive machine. It even has a magnetic-backed remote control unit incorporating an on/off switch, a forward/reverse switch and a speed control knob. This lathe weighs 90 pounds – heavy enough to provide needed stability yet light enough for easy repositioning within your shop.
    • Heavy cast iron construction gives strength and low vibration
    • 1HP Inverter drive controls the motor speed and torque
    • LED spindle speed read-out in RPM for great control
    • Forward and reverse capability, perfect for final sanding
    • Versatile magnetic switch mounting for optimum positioning
    • 24 position spindle indexing, position held by magnetic dowel pin
    • 3 Steps Belt change position with quick change system
    • Tow carry handles for easy move-around
    • Optional 24" bed extension
    • 6 inch Tool Rest Included ( Optional 14 inch )
    • One inch Tool Rest Post
    • 60 degrees Live Centre Included
    • Cable Hook included

    Product Size


    Amps/ Volts
    Motor Speed
    1HP / 3 PH
    3 AMP / 230V , 60Hz, AC
    1720 RPM


    VFD Input Voltage
    VFD Output Voltage to motor
    VFD Input Amps
    VFD Output Amps to motor
    Sound Emission w/o Load
    Recommended Circuit Size
    3-Step Pulley
    110V , 1 Phase
    13A ,1 Phase
    3A ,3 Phase


    Spindle Taper
    Spindle Thread
    Taper Tailstock
    Distance Btw Centres
    Max Dia. Over Bed
    Tool Rest Stem Dia
    1 1/4 - 8 TPI RH
    400 mm
    350 mm
    25.4 mm


    Overall Size
    W/ Optional Extension Bed
    34" x 13" x 16 1/4"
    57 3/4" x 13" x 16 1/4"
    2 YEARS



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