13″ Single-Speed Planer

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  • Single speed offering quick planing to thickness at 26 fpm.
  • Spiral cutterhead with 4-sided carbide inserts installed are cost-effective and easily-maintained that Inserts easily rotated or swapped out when dull
  • Powerful 120VAC 15 amp motor
  • 74 lbs makes it easy to move around the shop
  • Included 4” to 2 ½” dust port adapter included


This item: 13" Single-Speed Planer
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    Product Size


    Single Speed Feed
    Motor RPM
    Motor power input
    26 FPM
    23000+/-10% (No Load)
    120 V, 60 Hz, AC Only, 15 Amp


    Cutterhead speed RPM
    Cutterhead diameter
    Max planer capacity
    Max depth of cut @ 6” width
    Max depth of cut @ 13” width
    Minimum Length of Stock
    Minimum Thickness of Stock
    Carbide cutter inserts qty
    6" x 13"
    9 1/2”
    26 (4-sided)


    Shipping Weight
    Net Weight
    Dust Port Opening
    89 lbs
    74 lbs
    4” (2 1⁄2” with provided adapter)

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