6” Benchtop Jointer

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  • No More Cupped Woods. Create perfectly flat surfaces and edges quickly and hassle-free with the Wahuda Jointers. Experience smoother and accurate cuts even on tough or figured woods w/ Wahuda Tools.
  • Cutting-Edge Sharpness. Our spiral cutterhead has 4-sided carbide inserts for sharper and quieter cutting precision. The standard blade size also allows for a cost-effective and simple replacement.
  • Capable Steady Performance. Wahuda Jointers are powered with a 120V motor with a fixed 12,000 RPM. They are fully capable of handling edging, jointing, flattening, or tapering no matter the surface!
  • Solid Built For Your Convenience. Our adjustable and expandable cast iron tables enhance stability even when working on longer, larger pieces, with a fence that tilts from 90 &135° for versatility.
  • Perfect For Job Sites Or Small Shops. Depending on your needs or your shop’s size, Wahuda Tools have 6, 8, and 10-inch wood jointers that will do the job right. They’re conveniently movable, too
This item: 6” Benchtop Jointer
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Features & Specs


    Wahuda 6-Inch Jointer

    After taking in customers' suggestions over the years, ideas and concerns, from our valued customers, we listened and upped our game!

    Following on the success of our previous 6 inch jointer models, we'd like to introduce our newly upgraded 6 " WAHUDA spiral style bench top jointer model 50160CC-WHD.

    Still geared towards the budget-minded novice, but very capable of milling stock in a small pro shop, it's manufactured to tight tolerances in a certified ISO 9001 factory and is CSA approved for performance and your safety.

    Sporting new cast iron tables, our new 6" jointer only weighs about 48 lbs making it still easily maneuvered around your shop or jobsite. The cast iron tables also provide better stability during operation and are less prone to scratching. Table leveling for coplanar, if ever needed, is still easily achieved via set screws installed in each table. With the 30 inch total table length end to end, and a total depth of just over 17 inches and total height of just over 13 inches, it fits in the smallest of available shop area space.

    With the included new spiral style cutterhead, manufactured with the same heavy duty aluminum extrusion over steel inner shaft, you now get the cutting edge sharpness retention from having 12 carbide 4-sided insert tips installed. While being quieter than the straight knife cutterhead noise you have had to endure, you also get the smooth finish on your stock you've been looking for from the spiral design ... even on figured woods. Only having to loosen or remove one mounting screw on each insert, provides extremely quick tip rotation or replacement if the insert becomes nicked, keeping your downtime to a minimum and your project on time.

    Our new 6 " jointer has some of the same features as our previous highly touted models. It still has the maximum capacity of 6" width and 1/8" maximum depth of cut, a 2½" included dust port for better chip evacuation, and 4 3/8" high by 19 5/8" long extruded aluminum fence which can be easily tilted from 90 to 135 degrees with ease. It has the same 120V 10 amp AC motor which provides ample power requirements. Included are the push blocks, the tools you need to properly set up and adjust the machine, and a T-Torx wrench to rotate or replace the insert tips.

    If our 6" jointer does not have the width or length capacity you are looking for, check out our 8" jointer model 50180CC-WHD or our 50110CC-WHD 10" bench top jointer.


    • Powerful 10 Amp 120V motor
      Newly Incorporated Spiral Style Cutterhead with 4 Sided 12 carbide Inserts
      Sporting new Cast Iron tables
      Long extruded Fence with 90 to 135 Degree Tilt
    • This model 50160CC-WHD benchtop jointer features a cast iron tabletop that provides improved stability and durability, yet even with this heavier material, this small jointer weighs less than 50 pounds. This makes it a cinch to move around in your workshop or at the job site. It's truly a portable jointer.
    • Other features of this premium 6” jointer include a 30” end-to-end table length, 17” depth and 13” height. This compact size allows it to fit into even small shop spaces. The new spiral-style cutterhead, made from extruded heavy-duty aluminum over a steel inner shaft, incorporates 12 carbide 4-sided inner tips. These provide smoother cuts and quieter operation. The 19-5/8” long by 4-3/8” wide aluminum-extruded fence easily tilts from 90° to 135°.



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    Product Size


    Amps/ Volts
    10 AMP / 115V, AC
    12,000 RPM


    Max Depth of Cut
    Max Cutting Width
    Max Stock Thickness
    Feed Rate
    12 Four-sided Inserts carbide


    Overall Size
    Fence Size
    Dust Port
    33 7/8" X 13 3/4" X 13 "
    6 1/4 " x 30 "
    4 3/8" X 19 5/8"
    2 1/2"
    53 lbs.
    19" X 11 1/2"
    2 YEARS


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