4 sided Carbide Inserts

4 sided Carbide Inserts


Pack of 10 Inserts

NOTE: These will not work on Cutech machines. Cutech machines can only use 2-sided inserts.

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Features & Specs

4 sided Carbide Inserts

Our jointers are fantastic machines, and one feature that makes them perform so well is the inclusion of the new spiral cutterhead. This cutterhead design consists of a heavy-duty aluminum extrusion over an inner shaft made from steel. The cutterhead is fitted with a number of 4-sided carbide inserts that provide unparalleled cutting sharpness for these wood cutting tools. The 6-inch jointer features 12 carbide steel cutter inserts , the 8-inch jointer has 16 4-sided inserts and the 10 inch jointer has 20, and our 50100PC-WHD and 50200PC-WHD planers each use 26 inserts. Being 4-sided, these inserts provide four separate, sharply honed edges. If one edge becomes dulled or chipped, it’s an easy process to loosen the mounting screw to rotate or replace the tip.

The spiral cutterhead also make the jointers and planers quieter to operate than machines with straight knife cutterheads, plus you get a smoother finish on your stock. Replacement inserts are only sold in packs of 10.


  • Precision Ground with honed cutting edge to hold exacting tolerances on depth of cut.See technical specs for cross reference to other machines.

Fits the following machines:

  • Wahuda Jointer 50160CC-WHD
  • Wahuda Jointer 50180CC-WHD
  • Wahuda Jointer 50110CC-WHD
  • Wahuda Planer 50100PC-WHD
  • Wahuda Planer 50200PC-WHD
  • Wahuda Planer 60200PC-WHD



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