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What Is a Spiral Cutterhead Jointer?

What Is a Spiral Cutterhead? Spiral cutterheads are the new and improved blades for jointers. This innovative technology utilizes insert tooling to make smooth cuts and maintenance a breeze. The first thing you’ll notice is the design. Spiral cutterheads will...

Where To Buy Wood for Woodworking

What separates superior woodworking projects from the average? Quality wood. Having the right materials makes all the difference in appearance, feel and durability. Finding your source for woodworking wood will take a little bit of trying out different spots, but...

Why You Need a Wood Planer

Are you a beginner looking to equip your workshop with the right tools to get the job done or an enthusiast who’s looking for that last push to get a planer? There may be an endless number of tools to get for your shop, but be sure that a planer is toward the...