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Many of you have asked a lot of questions, and expressed strong interest, in our new upcoming Wahuda 13" planer model 50200CC-WHD. Because of this, we’d like to give you an update.

We had hoped to introduce the new planer to the market mid Q2. Due to a few additional features we chose to add, it looks as though it may not be available until mid to late August as of 5/29/20

- It will come with the new Wahuda spiral style cutterhead with 26 carbide 4-sided inserts installed. These are the same inserts used on our Wahuda jointers so they're interchangeable. You won’t have the hassle of spending extra money on a separate aftermarket $400+ spiral cutterhead and spending the extra time installing it yourself in your straight knife planer. The 4-sided carbide insert tips provide far longer edge life than high speed steel knives and inserts, and give you the convenience of only having to rotate one tip if it becomes nicked or damaged.

- It will be a 2 speed planer giving you the option of a slower feed speed for a very smooth final finish.

- It will have a 120V 15 amp motor (equating to 2.2 HP) In keeping with our previous upper end models, we've included an 8 position turret style repeat cut preset depth stop. This feature provides repetitive finished material thickness without machining thinner than you intended.

- The newly redesigned dust port will have the 4” exhaust port centered out the rear for better chip ejection versus the older style. Chip evacuation is assisted by a fan enclosed in the motor and ported out the rear of the motor housing. Also included is a 4” to 2 ½” dust port adapter for those of you with shop vacs.

- Capacity will be 13” W x 6” H and 1/8” maximum depth of cut. And with the 4 screw post design, you’ll get less chance of snipe.

- The planer will also have a new feature for a portable planer ....pull out extensions on the infeed and outfeed tables for better support on longer stock! This will give the planer a full length of about 44" (As of 4/28/20) end to end.

- As standard on all of our previous models, the planer will have front mounted depth of cut and thickness gauges. Also included is the T-Torx wrench for cutterhead insert rotation or replacement and hex wrenches for initial set up. It comes with our standard 2 year limited warranty

Thanks for your continued support!

Team Wahuda