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Wahuda Benchtop Planers Availability updates

We are hoping to receive our next shipment by the end of August. We will first be receiving our 2-speed planer
model 60200 which replaces the previous 2-speed 50200 model. It will have all the same features as the 50200
and looks almost identical. More info can be found to the left under the Wahuda Manuals tab. We hope to run a
presale on the 60200 around 2 weeks before we receive them. We are not accepting preorders at this time and
there is no availability email notification set up at this time.

The single speed 60100 model, which replaces the previous 50100 model, will follow later.

Keep an eye on this page for further updates.

We at Wahuda Tools are committed to offering high quality woodworking machines at fair prices,
and supplying the best in class customer service we’ve been known for, to our valued customers.

Due to damage occurring during shipment of our planers, from our Memphis warehouse to our customer locations,
we have suspended all sales of both our planer models until further notice.

We are currently working on re-designing the machines and packaging to protect against any type of shipping damage.
The changes involve extensive manufacturing tooling modifications and this process alone will take at least three months.

Parts will still be available for those who purchased and received undamaged 50200PC-WHD and 50100PC-WHD planers.

Thanks for your continued support and patience.

Team Wahuda