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Snipe locks are not a necessity on bench top portable planers. Here are a few methods you can use to reduce or eliminate snipe if it's apparent:

1) Plane boards that are longer than your finished length and cut the snipe ends off... if it exists
2) Run scrap pieces of the same thickness in front and after the stock making sure the stock butts up to the end of the scrap pieces and to each other as you feed them. You can find videos online of this method
3) Adjust the tables upwards a bit if your model allows. But be aware that you will have to readjust as the stock gets thinner and/or for your next project
4) Make a planer thru table surfacing jig to whatever length you like that is one continuous surface. They are usually portable (removable) . There are many online videos showing how to make this jig. Some are very complex while others designs are extremely simple
5) Skew the board slightly before feeding. The very corner of the work piece will "absorb" the snipe
6) Take less depth of cut per pass
7) The most widely used method ....Lift the stock slightly when feeding until the rear roller catches. Then slightly lift again when exiting the planer to keep the end of the stock out of the cutterhead