Best Woodworking Power Tools

If you've been redirected to this new Wahuda website, it's because we've changed our name and are totally upgrading our service offerings. While we've always sold top woodworking tools and some of the best woodworking power tools out there including the best benchtop jointer and planers, we're now expanding the line and adding other high-end manufacturing partners' products to our list of selections.

We will now be offering much more than planers and wood jointer machines, with a new line of benchtop tools soon to follow. We've also made some significant upgrades to our existing tools, all in response to important customer feedback. Our 6”and 8” jointers, for example, have been given a longer fence, cast iron tables (instead of aluminum) , simplified table leveling, and new four-sided carbide cutters.

Check out our first mini woodworking benchtop lathe. This unique inverter-drive wood lathe packs features usually found only on larger, more expensive wood lathes, such as inverter technology, three speed ranges and an LED RPM readout of spindle speed.