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Both the Deluxe 40600 and Professional 40200 model planers utilize 15 amp motors and can be used daily in a small pro shop if necessary.

The 40600s are smaller in size, about 25lbs lighter, have 9" long tables (3" shorter than the 40200 tables) and do not include a snipe lock.
They also use a 4 screw post chain/sprocket system located under the base for raising and lowering the cutterhead... which you need to clean under the base occasionally to keep chips out of the chain.

The 40200 models use a heavy duty 2 screw post 4 guide post with a enclosed metal gear system located above the cutterhead for raising and lowering it. The enclosed gears do not require periodic cleaning.

At about 65 lbs., the 40600 models are more for the pro on the go needing a smaller machine that can easily be transported to and around the jobsite. Weighing in at about 90lbs., the 40200 models are more oriented for a stationary setup.